What is Zero Gravity

BackSaver™ is the originator of the Zero-Gravity Recliner!

The Zero-Gravity technology is credited to the scientists and doctors at NASA and was utilized in the space program to reduce the amount of compressional forces exerted on the spine by the extreme speed at which the astronauts blast into space. During take-off, astronauts recline with their feet higher than their hearts with a torso-to-leg angle of 128 degrees +/- 7 degrees, the "Zero-Gravity" position (also referred to as the body’s “neutral” position and the “90/90” position). The reason Zero Gravity is a preferred posture for astronauts is any slight amount of disc compression will be exemplified by the speed and force of take off.


Normal sitting postures can load 150 pounds of compression into the lower back, while standing can load 100 pounds of compression, and lying in a horizontal position can load 25 pounds of compression. Even a minor back or spinal disc problem can be exacerbated with 25 pounds of compression.


BackSaver™ designed a solution to this discomfort by mimicking the postures of the astronauts with a chair called a Zero-Gravity Recliner. A Zero-Gravity Recliner by BackSaver™ can reduce or eliminate the pressure that will cause spinal disc compression while sitting. This chair positions a person into a no-compression or Zero-Gravity posture by assuming the ideal angles of the torso to the leg the same way NASA positions the astronauts.


Zero-Gravity Recliners (ZGR) are designed to relieve the body of the pressures that cannot be relieved in a standing, seated or laying position or with other recliners that position the torso parallel to the horizon. The spine is allowed to unload the compressional forces with a ZGR by raising the lower legs above the heart which has the following benefits:

  • Less pressure on the spine
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Less pressure on the heart and expanded lung capacity
  • Increased circulation and increased blood oxygen levels


There are products on the market today that claim to be Zero Gravity but are not. With a BackSaver™ Zero-Gravity Recliner, you can be sure you’ve gone to the source!



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